Sunday, May 25, 2008

And on That Subject...

Ironic - I finished the post on Antoine's memorial, picked up my notes to see what I'd been thinking about writing next, and found it was MN graduation rates.

According to stats from 2004-06, black students in MN are currently graduating at a rate of 62%. Antoine did graduate, as did all the boys I knew who were at his memorial today.

What did that get him? Or the rest of them? Two had gone on to college, but neither is going back. The rest - not so much.

Overall, MN is down to an 85% graduation rate, though 91% of the state's current workforce has graduated from high school. Why the drop? Why are kids opting not to finish? What does the diploma offer them that they can't get without it? What does it guarantee?

I'm getting like Melissa - all questions, no answers!

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Queen Mab said...

Never be afraid to "live the questions," baby, Live the Questions! Wait, I know! You have NO FEAR!

Love you,